The objects and aims of the VNWC Corporation are to

  1. Promote civic welfare through fundraising activities,
  2. Provide grants and awards annually to community organizations,
  3. Provide college scholarship opportunities for high school students and
  4. Share intellectual and cultural programs with the members.

Our mission is supported by fund raising events and gifting through our legacy investments.

The club is open to all women who have resided in Sarasota County for six months prior to application. An applicant must possess an area voting registration card, a valid driver’s license, or provide another proof of area domicile if such confirmation is requested.

Application Process
Applicants must fill out the membership form, including the areas of interest section. Completed forms are to be mailed directly to the Membership Chair for processing.
Once an application is received and approved, a membership committee member will notify the applicant by phone. Upon receipt of membership dues the new member will be invited to attend a swearing-in ceremony where they will be introduced and installed along with other members who may join in the same month.

Annual Dues
Annual dues are $30.00 per year. The fiscal year begins on April 1.
Members remain members for as long as their dues are current.

Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month (excluding the months of June, July and August) and include programs on a variety of subjects pertinent to evolving club interests.

Membership Expectations
All members are expected to respond to monthly meeting attendance requests that are sent via email (with exceptions for those not having access to email).
All members are encouraged to actively participate in one or more of our various community outreach programs or member events that is of interest to them.
Note: If someone has a special talent, skill or idea that will help promote our mission, we ask them to share so that we may continue to expand our club’s growth and community efforts.

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